Doctors Treating COVID-19 Will Receive March Bonuses With Grants



Doctors Treating COVID-19 Will Receive March Bonuses With Grants

The March premium will be paid to health workers involved in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic thanks to a medical subsidy, and from April, supplements will be charged for the hospital’s readiness for coronavirus and for labor intensity.

About this in an interview with “Mirror of the week” “Mirror of the week”, said the president of the National Health Service Oksana Movchan, answering the question on the financing of hospitals for the period of fight against coronavirus epidemic.

“There are two stories here. The country experienced the first cases of the disease and the difficult situations that doctors faced in March. In other words, when there was no contractual obligation for medical facilities at the NLES. As a result, the doctors’ salaries for this period, in particular the two to three times increase announced by the Prime Minister, will go through a medical subsidy. I think the details will be announced in the coming days, ”said Movchan.

She said according to NHA statistics, there were more than 600 officially registered cases of COVID-19 as of April 1, and the medical facilities and ambulance teams that helped these patients will receive funding.

Starting April 1, the NHA proposed to the government another system of financial incentives for doctors involved in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

“The second story begins on April 1. Here we have proposals that we have submitted to the government and await its decision … We want to concentrate all aid – both state and voluntary – in specific medical institutions, where there will be everything necessary for the safety of doctors and to help patients. In other words, it will be clear that 200 to 300 hospitals are centers where we fight coronavirus, “said Movchan.

In addition, the NHRI has submitted proposals to prepare hospitals for the waves, depending on the course of the epidemic. The first wave includes 240 hospitals, which are expected to be ready to receive coronavirus patients. If there is a sharp increase in the number of morbidity cases, the second and third waves of hospitals join as needed.

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“We offer funding through two mechanisms. The first is not for the case treated, but for the preparation. There are 240 establishments with a certain capacity and a certain volume of services that they are capable of providing a certain number of patients with COVID-19. For this will, they will receive a fixed (or global) budget. In order to avoid a situation in which a hospital can serve 1,000 patients qualitatively, and we are trying to impose 2,000. The second mechanism, depending on the load in a particular hospital, may receive supplements for the intensity, “said the NSZU president.

At the same time, she noted that the Ministry of Finance’s response to such proposals in the NSSU had not yet been received.

As of April 12, 2020, 2,777 cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed in Ukraine.

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