Domestic violence and suicides on the rise: Trump warns of dangerous trend



President Donald Trump has said that the prolonged isolation during quarantine of the embittered and measures must be taken to increase domestic violence and suicide.

Domestic violence
Domestic violence. Stock Photo –

It is reported by “Censor.NO“, Reports” MFN “.

Even civilized countries with a high cultural level find themselves in an extremely tense situation. People do not hold the four walls and do not collapse on their loved ones. In addition, there is a high probability of spreading various types of addictions.

“Domestic violence is increasing. So does drug use. The main reason for this is that people in quarantine temporarily lose their jobs and their confidence in the future, “said Trump.

He added that a negative psychological climate leads to an increase in suicides.

He noted that the US government had made the right decision by declaring quarantine. However, the authorities understand that it is necessary to restore normal living conditions for the populations as soon as possible.

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