Donald Trump wants to limit the issuance of the green card for at least two months



The American president intends to severely restrict the entry of foreigners into the territory of his state.

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It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “DW“.

On Tuesday, April 21, the owner of the White House released a press release announcing his intention to temporarily restrict the entry of foreigners into the United States. In particular, the issuance of the green card and immigrant visas will be suspended for 60 days:

“First of all, we have to think about the Americans. I want help for American workers, so I’m temporarily suspending immigration to the United States. When, after quarantine, we revive the American economy, it will be American citizens who will be the first candidates for employment. Our fellow citizens must also be the first to have access to medicines. “

According to Trump, the issuance of visas will be frozen for two months. But this period can be extended, because everything will depend on the state of the economy in a few months:

“Already on April 22, we will sign a decree. Right now, they continue to cook it. “

The American president also added that there would be many exceptions in his decree, but he did not specify which ones. At the same time, he noted that foreigners who travel to the United States on a temporary basis will not be denied entry.

Recall that we had previously reported that the coronavirus had changed the values ​​of the United States.

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