Donbas asks Ukraine to save him: official statement of the “liberation committee”



The “Committee for the Liberation of Donbas” has decided to appeal to the Ukrainian government for Vladimir Zelensky or his subordinates to intervene in the situation in the “LPR”. They asked to prevent the closure of the unprofitable mine and of people protesting against the criminal actions of the so-called “authorities of the republic”.

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This information was reported by correspondents “Isle“, Reports” NPF “.

It is noted that the above-mentioned commission statement was issued on behalf of the President of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov, as well as Lyudmila Denisova, Commissioner for Human Rights. It is not known at the same time if Dmitry Razumkov responded to something, but the NRL wrote a very emotional statement.

“Minors with families find themselves without means of subsistence. We see terror in front of us, as well as reprisals against those who do not agree with the authorities. A mobile network with the Internet is blocked. Minors are threatened, detained. People from the Komsomolskaya mine were interrogated. We still do not know what happened to 5 of them, “said the committee.

Following its statement, the committee asked Ukraine to raise a question concerning the condemnation of the actions of the “LPR” at the international level. The reason is that activists terrorize ordinary people who have decided to express their protest.

It is unclear what Leonid Pasechnik and activists responded to in this regard. However, the message may appear later.

Remember, this is so … – Putin recounted what really happened in 2014.



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