Donbass elections: Arahamia called the main condition



The Servant of the People faction leader David Arahamia said that Ukraine will only be able to hold elections in the Donbass after taking control of the border, which is now controlled by illegal armed groups controlled by Russia.

Elections. Stock Photo – objectiv. TV

This was reported by the portal ASPI Newsreferring to the TV channel “Ukraine 24”, reports MFN.

David Arahamia, representative of the Servant of the People, spoke of the key condition for holding local elections at ORDLO. The people’s representative said that the elections in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions will take place only after Ukraine has regained control of these territories. According to Arahamia, it is impossible to hold honest and democratic elections in these territories now.

But at the same time, the parliamentarian noted that there was still time to implement these plans.

“It can still change. After all, we still have time before the local elections, ”said Arahamia.

As you know, similar views have been repeatedly expressed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporary Occupied Territories Alexei Reznikov and the head of the presidential office Andrei Yermak. Reznikov said it would only be possible to talk about the ORDLO elections after the Russian Federation had stopped bombing Ukrainian positions and withdrew its troops. In addition, Reznikov has repeatedly made statements regarding the resumption of water supply to Crimea. According to the politician, Ukraine will not allow water to enter the Crimea until after the return of the peninsula under the jurisdiction of Ukraine.

However, representatives of the Russian Federation during the Minsk talks have repeatedly stated that Kiev should conduct direct negotiations with ORDLO, in particular with regard to the holding of local elections in Donbas.

We previously reported that Babin made an alarming statement about the Kremlin’s plans.



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