Donbass for Putin – a suitcase without a handle: Sivokho on the withdrawal of Russian troops from eastern Ukraine



The former adviser to the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Sergey Sivokho, does not rule out a situation in which Putin himself will soon withdraw the Russian occupation forces from Donbas territory.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Sergey Sivokho.
According to Sivokho, the Donbass is like a handle-less suitcase for Putin. Photo:

Responding to Dmitry Gordon’s question that the situation in the Donbass will not change, “Until Putin is gone”, Sivokho said that you must be prepared for any situation and, most importantly, keep in mind the residents who have been taken hostage in this situation.

There are normal people there, ” – stressed the former official.

The former deputy secretary of the NSDC recalled the impact of propaganda on the population of the occupied territories.

“How are we going to talk to people who have been pressed for six years by various propaganda? As our people, by the way, ” – he noted.

According to Sivokho, the Donbass for Poutine, like a suitcase without a handle, is difficult to transport and a pity to quit smoking. Therefore, sooner or later, the head of the Kremlin will independently withdraw his troops from the occupied territories.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin would not give up on Crimea, and serious discussions are underway in the Donbass.

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