Donbass residents vote for changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation: Peskov’s response



The press secretary to the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitri Peskov, was asked whether the residents of Ordlo would vote to amend the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Putin’s representative referred the matter to the Central Election Commission.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “Dialogue. AU”.

As you know, in the territory of the temporarily occupied Donbass, the mass certification of the inhabitants of Ordlo continues. In early May, Alexei Reznikov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporary Occupied Territories, said that 200,000 ORLDO residents had already issued Russian passports.

The Ukrainian journalist asked Mr. Peskov if residents of ORDLO who hold Russian passports would vote for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Peskov replied that the CEC should address this issue.

“The question should be addressed to the CEC,” said Peskov.

In addition, the representative of Putin noted that many Russian citizens live in the Ukrainian Donbas.

Recall that on the territory of ORLDO, the representatives of the occupation authorities continue to issue residents passports called “L / DPR” of the Russian Federation. In addition, the “DPR migration service” previously declared that the coronavirus pandemic had not affected the issuance of Russian Federation passports to residents of ARDLO.

We had previously reported that the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had announced the date for the opening of the CPVV in Donbass.



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