Donetsk has transformed in North Korea – the migrant returned 6 years later to his hometown and told his impressions



An indifferent resident of Ukrainian Donetsk explained how his city had changed after the occupation. According to him, residents seemed replaced and the economy had collapsed so much that most of them lived in poverty. The conditions, he said, resemble those of the DPRK.

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This information was reported by “Dialog.UA“, Citing an eyewitness report, reports” MFN “.

It should be noted that a resident of Donetsk left his city at the end of 2014. After that, he came for a while to pay the utility bills and see his relatives. However, he saw the situation more closely when he had to stay in busy Donetsk due to the quarantine.

“As soon as I started to communicate a little more deeply with my loved ones, I felt a suspicious attitude towards myself. I told them about life in Kiev, but my elderly relative replied, they say, do not tell us about Ukrainian propaganda. In addition, she said that I did not talk about it on the streets. It is no longer the Soviet Union. Donetsk has transformed into North Korea. Or, at least, approached her, “he said.

After that, he said that he asked people why they live so badly. According to a resident of Donetsk, people have blamed the whole of Ukraine or, as they say, the “junta”.

“If only a thousand people have at least 5 people neutral towards Ukraine, it will be good,” he concluded.

As a reminder, Kozak in Germany has secretly made a decision on the Donbass: the situation on the front line can change radically.



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