Dovzhenko-Center CEO resigns



Dovzhenko-Center CEO resigns


05/28.2020 16:41


The director general of Alexander Dovzhenko’s National Center Ivan Kozlenko wrote a letter of resignation.

He announced it on his Facebook page.

“The finance ministry has returned the passport to the budget program without coordination. Therefore, there will be no funding,” he said.

Below in a post, Kozlenko published the text of the resignation letter, written on behalf of and. about. Minister of Culture and Information Policy Svetlana Fomenko.

“On the basis of … contract dated March 18, 2016 No. 649, concluded between me as head of the state enterprise” National Center Alexandra Dovjenko “and the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, according to which the head has the right to terminate the contract on his own initiative before its expiration “in the event of systematic failure” the ministry of its obligations under the contract “, namely – due to the non-respect by the ministry … of the obligations of the contract (“take timely measures to avoid the bankruptcy of the company in the event of insolvency”) … I inform you of the termination of the contract on my own initiative from 06/04/2020, ” – said in a statement.

He noted that on May 27, 2020, the Alexander Dovzhenko National Center announced the start of insolvency, which he considered a consequence of the department’s irresponsible position regarding funding for the Alexander Dovzhenko National Center.

“The funding for the Center, executed under budget program 3806030” State support for cinematography “, has not started since the beginning of 2020. The state budget due to the Center for salaries is higher at 2.0 million UAH. The Center also has over 1.0 million UAH in outstanding loan obligations under signed agreements. In the absence of working capital, the Center is no longer able to pay the taxes and fees provided by law for the 1st quarter of 2020, ”writes the general manager.

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Ukrinform has called on the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy to ask it to comment on this situation, and the ministry promises to do so in the near future.

Earlier on May 28, Kozlenko reported that employees of the national police had come to the Alexander Dovzhenko National Center in Kiev and were carrying out a search. According to him, the research is not linked to today’s Center statement on the onset of insolvency, but to the investigation of a criminal case under the National Service Audit Act audit of Ukraine.

A statement released this morning noted that since the beginning of 2020, the Center has not received any public funding planned for budget program 1806030 “State aid for cinematography”, which is due to the non-approval by the Ministry of Finance of the program passport project submitted by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy.

The press release also indicates that from the end of May the Center will no longer be able to pay the mandatory taxes and existing obligations under the contracts, and the creditors’ claims confirmed by the court will be satisfied in the order of seizure of the Centre’s property.

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