DPR police transferred to special regime – social media users have told what awaits residents of the “republic” without masks



Residents of the temporarily occupied Donetsk region on social media write that representatives of illegal armed groups are arresting people without a mask in the streets and checking their documents.

Representative of the IAF
Representative of the IAF. Stock Photo –

This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to social networks, reports MFN.

ORDLO residents share information on social media about what happens in the so-called “DPR” during quarantine. According to residents of occupied Donetsk, the “DPR police” checks the documents with people without masks. But, for example, in the occupied Yasinovataya, representatives of illegal armed groups verified their registration for all who entered the city.

In addition, the “DPR police” controls those who are at home in a state of isolation. For this, they even recruit volunteers.

“In the cities, on the basis of youth organizations, volunteers are recruited to work with those who are in isolation. And the “DPR police” has been transferred to a special regime, “wrote residents of the occupied Donetsk region.

As you know, earlier the head of the so-called “DPR” Denis Pushilin announced that he was not going to introduce an emergency regime in the “republic”, he thinks that it will negatively affect the economy of the Republic”. According to him, for now, there is enough “high alert”.

Earlier, we reported that, for unknown reasons, the next mine was closed at LPR.



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