Dubulet suggests moving more public services online


Former minister of cabinet of ministers told how to avoid visiting state institutions

Not a leg up in government agencies: quarantine solutions from dublolet. Photo: epravda.com.ua

Former Minister of Council of Ministers and Monobank co-founder Dimitri Dubulet proposed resolving the problem of trade and citizens with government agencies during quarantine. According to the entrepreneur, Ukrainians’ interactions with the authorities should be transferred to the iGov public service portal.

Dmitry Duboulet

Dubulet also said that iGov can now add all public services for free which the Ministry of Digital Transformation (ICT) plans to move online to the Internet in the next few years.

Paypal magazine help

Earlier we wrote that the Ministry of Digital Communications has launched online business support services. Therefore, the department called entrepreneurs to ask questions about activities during online quarantine – in the corresponding support chat in Telegram (@diaGovernment_bot) and Viber (https://viber.com/dia_bot). It has been reported that support is provided around the clock, and the request processing time is up to 15 minutes.

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