Due to climate change in Ukraine, three deserts can form: a meteorologist pointed to areas facing unprecedented drought



According to the candidate of geographical sciences and meteorologist of the hydrometeorological center of Kharkov Igor Kibalchich, the threat hangs over three Ukrainian regions.

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This meteorologist said in an interview with the publication “Navigator“Written”MFN“.

Thus, the most alarming situation is developing in the regions of Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson, notes the meteorologist.

A catastrophic situation has developed in the south of the Odessa region, in particular in the city of Izmail:

“Here, 2019 turned out to be a drought record … And even with the start of 2020, there was no heavy rain. Local farmers panic, winter crops are dying. Cyclones began to form in the northern latitudes, and here the anticyclone and, therefore, the deficit of precipitation more often began to prevail. “

The climate is also changing in Kharkov: according to Kibalchich, in this city, the average annual air temperature has already increased by 2 degrees above normal:

“In Kharkov, there is now an average annual temperature as it was in Kherson or Uzhgorod in the middle of the 20th century. But in southern Ukraine, of course, it’s even warmer. “

According to the meteorologist, global warming is becoming more and more distinct in the Eurasian part of the continent. This is particularly visible here in the northern latitudes.

Recall that we wrote earlier that the summer of 2020 will be the warmest on Earth.

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