Due to quarantine, Facebook launched a new mode of operation of the social network


Quiet mode helps Facebook users temporarily “disconnect” from online life

Due to quarantine, Facebook launched a new mode of operation of the social network: it will help to concentrate

Facebook decided to help people manage their time on the social network during the COVID-19 epidemic and introduced a new feature – Silent Mode. The innovation will help balance the time and attention that people dedicate to their family and friends in these difficult times.

Quiet mode can be turned on and off as needed, or activated at the appointed time of day. After activating silent mode, Facebook push notifications will be turned off so that people can focus on others or their actions.

If people try to open Facebook when silent mode is turned on, the application will show how much time is left until the function finishes. However, it is possible to use Facebook on silent mode 15 minutes or earlier.

With the launch of Quit Mode, Facebook also added more detailed usage statistics, including usage, over a two-week period, as well as a breakdown of how people spend time during the day and night.

Facebook has started deploying Quit Mode for the iOS version of its app. Meanwhile, the Android version will begin testing the feature in May, with the goal of a wider release in June.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, Facebook decided to send an additional $ 100 million to the news industry to help the media overcome the crisis created by the spread of the new coronovirus infection.

The $ 25 million will be provided as a grant to finance small, regional publications under a project called the Facebook Journalism Project.

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