Dumb and Dumber: The Dumbest Criminals in History


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Laws are written for the common people, because they are based on common rules of common sense. It is believed that society agreed to follow the rules of decency, so did not return to the herd of monkeys.

However, some individuals are so thirsty to own someone else’s property that their common sense and sense of self-preservation are powerless.

Modern criminals are seen as law-abiding citizens by one of Ocean’s eleven, but in life they often resemble the characters of the operation.

I saw a penguin – hot, feed and close by

There are many individuals of elf penguins permanently in the area of ​​the Australian water park Sea World, so it is named because of their small size.

Most likely, it was the small growth (about 30 cm) of the object that led the three friends to the idea that it would not be difficult to take the animal into their hands. So, under the cover of night in 2012, they sneaked into the park and pulled out a penguin named Durk.

For an entire day the bird got entangled under their feet, and the next day he was thrown on Facebook to the nearest pier, not forgetting to brag about his might. After all, it is a brave act for three adult people – to attack an animal of 30 centimeters. So the police find out who drove the illegally protected penguins.

The robber left a personal file at the crime scene

The skill only comes with practice, and Andre Henry, who has already received a probationary period for breaking into offices in the Northern Virginia area with a break-in, so as not to lose mastery, practicing in the state next door Continue, judging that they did their business in neighboring areas, it does not count.

For two years, in 2012 and 2013, the man succeeded in visiting dozens of classrooms and offices in the District of Columbia, including the rumor through the federal Department of Meteorology.

He received nothing but a digital photo frame and a pair of collectible coins, but left the contents of the court hearing on his previous cases, giving him an 18-year allowance.

How to rob a tray with hot dogs and shoot yourself a sausage

It is not necessary for being a financial director or for higher economic education to realize that there may not be much revenue in terms of hot dog sales. But Terion Powsey decided to hit the jackpot there.

Threatening the staff with a pistol, the attacker attacked a tripod with his other hand. But here the crime carefully planned did not happen according to the scenario, and the bucket with slippery slurry, called fat, turned upside down, and it was not so convenient to harvest.

Wanting to free another organ for fundraising, a young villain holds a gun in his pants and shoots at point blank range on his gen organ.

Because of the injury, he could not run away from the crime scene, and when he was calling an ambulance from the opposite side of the road, the victims laughed, calling the police.

Hack life to cheat and carry out Youtube

Occasionally litigation with well-known brands is crowned with the triumph of enterprising consumers, and the latter has greater fame, and more money is received from the infamous rich.

But when, as a result of all the fraud, the profit is only $ 15, something needs to change in the plan. Robert Ashevarria was seen attacking the gold mine when he learned that a complaint about poor service could turn into a free meal from a famous restaurant.

The trick was simple. The man, called Del Taco Delivery Service, appeared to be an important businessman and threatened to make the neglected breadwinners of the population world-wide, employees panicked, believing they were talking to the strongest people in the world, and Provided them free food.

As prevalent with all civilized people, a citizen shared this life hack on YouTube, where he also unveiled the phone number from which he had taken out the food. For his tricks, he had the opportunity to eat at public expense for 30 days.

Customer is not always right

It is not known how extravagant behavior must be to get the visitor out of the nightclub. But sometimes it happens to the best people.

The first thought in the morning, with memories of the events of the previous evening, should be: “I go there no more.” During a long stay in Australia, Hugh McMahon was twice without honors, expelled by bouncers from the same club.

Perhaps the club was the only one in Australia, perhaps the girl he loved worked there, but the sultry Irish decided to visit the club again at any cost. And since the guard already knew him very closely, he decided to follow in the footsteps of Bruce Willis from Die Hard ”and entered the club through ventilation.

Of course, this ventilation was not designed to allow for the passage of anything other than air, and soon there was a loud voice for the cry of a ghost stuck in the world to hear and call the appropriate services, which Move the reseller from one cramp room to another.

Baseball bat against firearms

The most popular phrase “hands up!” With a weapon in your hands. And I must admit, the most effective way to get some money quickly, though not the most ethical, is to break into a mask and weapon somewhere and demand cash from the cashier.

But Derrick Mosley likely didn’t have a TV set, as he had no other weapon other than a baseball bat with which he decided to rob the gun store.

Oddly enough, the seller had weapons, and did not allow the thief to destroy the windows and take out the items he sold, keeping him in sight until police arrived.

Check changes and accessories without leaving the cash desk

It is unpleasant when buying products on the market, they do not completely change. In such situations, eminent citizens approach the Consumer Protection Board.

Dexter White of South Carolina did the same. He paid $ 60 for crack cocaine, and was weighed $ 20. In response to the demand to refund the difference, the drug dealer refused to give it to his buyer, stating that “the eyes were getting worse, Kupuwala” and “it was necessary to check the change immediately.”

Angered by this injustice, the citizens called upon the police to restore the financial balance in the world. But since the twenty dollar evidence of the merchant’s dishonesty had already been blown out, the police themselves arrested the initiator.

Never eat food on an empty stomach

The first rule of a robber is to never rob on an empty stomach. Doctors say that adrenaline is very fast and burns an unlimited amount of calories. James Adams did not follow this advice and paid in 2015 before breaking into a house near San Francisco.

When the illegal entry into the premises that he did not own was made, the robber’s stomach felt itself with sad grunts. His much respected relationship with his body did not allow the firecracker to ignore the body’s call, and he had to cook semi-finished products found in the freezer.

Since the digestion of food is no less laborious than robbery, the food-weary person wanted to sleep on the couch, where he was grabbed by the homeowner, who ran to the neighbor to call the police.

Warning! Wanted for a reward!

It is always good to do good things, especially if they are rewarded with clean and tidy amounts. Who did not search for the lost little dog on the streets of the city, for whom the destitute owners promised a magnificent ransom? And identifying the famous criminal is a rare success.

One of the Taliban fighters, Mohammed Auchan, was fortunate enough to find and identify himself and search for an orientation with his picture and promise a $ 100 reward, which he demanded from the stun policemen.

And since the bandit was actually seen participating in a number of terrorist acts, law enforcement officials proved to him that it was him.



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