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Earlier, Apple had threatened to be removed from the App Store which sells only one subscription on its website.

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Telegram Messenger founder Pavel Durov criticized Apple and Google on Twitter due to a 30% commission from purchases in mobile applications installed through the App Store and Google Play.

“Apple and Google tax 30% of all digital products sold on every mobile phone in the world. The result – users pay at high prices, startups and entire industries are destroyed or never show up. The regulators ignored this non-equalization for 10 years.

As a solution to the problem, the founder of Telegram suggested installing the application directly or through an alternative application store. “Just repeat how applications are installed on the computer,” Durov said.

He also said that he has been using Android phones for many years, as this operating system allows you to install third-party applications, but now Google is trying to complicate the process. “These companies should not be allowed to limit the independence of Arabs,” Durov said.

Thus, the founder of Telegram commented on the message from Basecamp technical director David Heinmeyer Hanson. Earlier, he said that Apple had threatened to remove from the App Store a new Hey email service developed by the company if it did not appear able to pay for a subscription directly to the application. Now you can buy subscriptions only on Hey website.

It was previously known that Google is testing a new method of selling subscriptions with several Android developers, which would allow customers to purchase a Play Store subscription without installing the application first. The first news about this came last week when Google announced the third edition of Billing Store, with the release of Android 11 beta, which had an updated set of tools for processing payments and digital purchases on the Play Store.

“The new version of Billing Library allows you to search and buy products outside of your application, for example, in the Play Store,” the Google blog says.

The company cited the use of promotional codes as an example. The customer uses a promotional code for the free trial version of the mobile application, at the end of which a paid subscription starts automatically. Now Google allows developers to receive and process future payments if the customer does not refuse and cancel it while the trial version is still active.

TechCrunch Portal clearThis feature is not limited to promotions and will apply to active purchase of membership through the Play Store. Thus, you can install the application and subscribe to it, as well as get a free trial. So, now, for some applications, a second button “Free Trial and Installation” has appeared, next to the standard installation button.

In April, Google said it tightened membership rules to make applications more transparent about the cancellation of applications and other methods that developers can use to deceive billing periods, free trials, and deceive users will do it. These rules came into force on 16 June.

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We previously wrote that the European Commission opened an antitrust investigation against Apple due to possible violations of EU standards in the operation of Apple Pay and the App Store. In particular, the validity of the mandatory use of its own proprietary IAP shopping system in Apple Store applications will be checked. Now, developers are charged 30% of all membership fees through IAP.

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