Dutch historian admits funding for Babi Yar Memorial



Dutch historian admits funding for Babi Yar Memorial

Dutch historian admits funding for Babi Yar Memorial

02/05.2020 02:46


Dutch historian Karel Berckhoff, who worked on the Babi Yar Memorial Center project, believes that business people can finance it if the international supervisory board works properly.

This Berkhof said in an interview with the correspondent of Ukrinform in The Hague.

“Ideally, most of the funding should come from the state, the budget, and donations. Financing by businessmen, in principle, is not problematic if there is an international supervisory board that fulfills its role and clarifies its decisions, ”said the historian.

He also noted that he did not object to the use of the latest technology in the Babi Yar project.

“I have no fundamental objection to the use of new technologies. But the fact is that visitors have the right to remain anonymous. Facial recognition is contrary to this. Technology also raises the question of future use of data. And given Ukraine’s path to the EU, the EU data protection law is very understandable and clear, “said Berckhoff.

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As reported by Ukrinform, Russian director Ilya Khrzhanovsky became artistic director of the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center in Kiev in late 2019.

On April 22, after the publication on the network of photos of Khrzhanovsky’s film “DAU. Degeneration”, criminal proceedings were recorded on the acts of torture, as well as the production or dissemination of works promoting the cult of violence (part 2 of article 127, part 3 of article 300 of the Criminal Code).

Khrzhanovsky himself assures that the children on the set were not injured, violence was not used against them.

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