Earning abroad: new departure conditions


The government is considering the possibility of the departure of Ukrainians to work, if it comes to legal employment

Earnings returning overseas: Shimgal calls for new conditions of departure. Photo: Newsmary

The issue of seasonal labor emigration is becoming increasingly relevant during quarantine. During a meeting with the European Union Ambassador to Ukraine, Mattie Menstice, Prime Minister Denis Shimgal announced the readiness of the Cabinet to negotiate with European countries, which officially expressed a desire to invite Ukrainian workers for seasonal work Will do.

“An important condition is legal employment for a period of 3 months in compliance with all social guarantees and working conditions of Ukrainians. This work will be coordinated by the government office for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, ”said Shimgal.

The Prime Minister also stressed that at present the government has not received official appeals from countries other than Finland. Ukrainians have long been a cheap and highly demanded labor force in Europe, where they can earn from 1 to 1.5 thousand euros, which is not comparable with 6-8 thousand UAH at home.

To not lose valuable personnel and workers, Prime Minister Shimgal announced a plan, according to which the government is going to employ all labor migrants within the country, creating new jobs in Ukraine.

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Recall that Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal shared a government roadmap to get Ukraine out of quarantine on his Telegram channel. According to the politician, the plan will cover 5 phases and may begin on May 11, subject to favorable epidemic conditions.

As the Prime Minister said, there are clear indicators at each stage and it depends on the dynamics of the spread of the disease.

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