Easter and coronavirus: the Ministry of the Interior and the religious denominations have agreed on the format of the celebration



The Interior Ministry explained how the services will take place during the major holidays – Easter, Jewish Passover and Muslim night Baraat, at the start of Ramadan.

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Thus, during negotiations between the Ministry of the Interior and representatives of religious denominations, only one decision was made on how to celebrate major holidays during a pandemic and quarantine.

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Ukrainian truth“.

It has been decided that during the service, no more than 10 people can enter the temple, but at the same time, the broadcast will be accessible to all.

In the temples will be allowed to attend the priest, servant, clerk and those who provide online dissemination. Everyone present, except the priest, is required to wear masks or respirators.

The Interior Ministry pointed out that such a celebration format was defined for all major services – Christian Easter, Jewish Passover and Muslim night Baraat, at the start of Ramadan.

If there are more people who want to enter the house of the Lord, the police “will speak to them with tolerance of the execution of the rules”. Those participating in the service must be included in the list so that there are no complaints from law enforcement officials.

The churches will be open all the time and can be visited in the absence of worship. But it is expected that at the same time, in the temple, there can only be two people in masks or respirators. There should be no queues on the street outside the temple.

As for the opportunity to bless the festive Easter basket, this problem is not yet completely resolved.

Options are envisaged: in the cities, the priests will be invited to bakeries or shops, where they will devote Easter cakes and everyone can buy products already consecrated.

But in the villages, people can put holiday baskets in front of the doors of their house, and the priest, walking in the street, will dedicate them.

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