Eastern Rite Christians Celebrate Easter



Eastern Rite Christians Celebrate Easter

Today, Eastern rite Christians celebrate the greatest holiday – the Holy Resurrection of Christ or Easter.

Easter is the oldest and most important Christian feast of the whole liturgical year and is dedicated to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christian Easter is closely related to the Jews and literally translates to “pass”. But if for the Jews, Passover is a symbol of liberation from Egyptian slavery and winning the promised land, for Christians, Easter symbolizes the victory of life over death, the liberation from the burden of sin, the transition from ‘a state of non-freedom in the realm of freedom and love. Christ himself, sacrificed for the sins of mankind, is also called Easter.

According to the Gospels, after Jesus came to Jerusalem, was betrayed and executed on the cross, then buried in a cave by dedicated disciples – He was resurrected. When they arrived at his grave on Sunday, women carrying myrrh discovered that the grave was empty. Instead, they saw an angel who proclaimed to them that Jesus had risen. Soon one of them appeared Christ and spoke of his resurrection. The good news spread quickly over Jerusalem, then throughout Judea.

That is why on Sunday evening, in all the churches, a festive service all night takes place, the culmination of which is a solemn procession of believers around the church with candles, an Easter bell and a priest announcing the two thousand year old message: “Christ is risen!”, to which the flock joyfully responds: “Truly risen!”

Unfortunately, this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic and therefore quarantine, it is therefore not possible for Christians to attend the festive service in the church and to bless the Easter basket, as usual . However, the Easter services of the churches broadcast on TV channels.

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