Eccentric housing of the richest people on the planet. part 1


When you reach a certain level of prosperity, an ordinary house or apartment, even if it is very large and comfortable, may not seem enough.

The source Translation for Mixstuff – Evgeniya Yakovleva

The owners of the vast fortune remain completely separate from you and me. In support of this thesis, it is sufficient to look at the houses they are building. A normal person is willing to buy a standard comfortable apartment or house, but when you reach a certain level of prosperity, everything can easily change. There is a lot of change.

Hi Tech Bill Gates Mansion

For a considerable part of his life, Bill Gates was either on the list of the richest people on the planet or led by it. The billionaire’s house suits the owner’s position perfectly. Located in Washington state, the lake-viewing mansion is called Xanadu 2.0 and costs more than $ 127 million.

Although its cost is only a trivial part of Gates’ fortune, the money was sufficient to allow the eyeball to fill the building with facilities and equipment. The five-thousand-year-old re-built dwelling with an area of ​​more than 6 thousand square meters has a reception hall for 200 people, a home theater, a room with a trampoline, as well as a library full of rare and valuable folios.

Xanadu 2.0 is envisioned as an environmentally friendly home, but being owned by the king of computers, it simply has to be equipped with all technological innovations. According to rumors, each visitor receives a card, where he makes his preferences for light and temperature, and adjusts to the requests of house guests. Microphones are hidden everywhere, music allows you to follow them from room to room, and the screens on the walls are showing your favorite canvas. Even plants around the house receive more care than their ordinary counterparts. They say that Gates fell in love with a maple on the driveway and is seen by a computer, which immediately sends a pump to the pump for water.

Super Safe “Math” Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Home

More than once the famous couple faced security problems. After another robbery, he took the issue seriously and now for $ 60 million his house has become a real impregnable fort.

The interior of the building is decorated according to Kim in the style of “monastic minimalism”, with emphasis on light colors, spaces, arched openings. In terms of security, the house can be compared to the Pentagon’s secret levels. For example, the garage has an actual outpost with a metal detector.

House-spaceship Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin

Perhaps, Naomi’s image reminded Vladislav of a creature from another world, so they decided to build a house for him, which was like a spaceship. A 22-meter-high tower resembles a periscope that rises above a future streamlined structure of glass and concrete.

The interior of the house is also as if borrowed from science fiction films, so you can expect to inadvertently come from an alien around every corner. At the top of the tower is a secluded bedroom that allows you to explore the surroundings, as if you actually flew over them in a spaceship. Unfortunately for Naomi, construction of a unique house began in 2012, and she did not have time to settle into it, as the pair broke up in 2013.

Waterpark celine dion

Celine Dion is a talented singer who gave many hit films. And yet, for many, his name is mainly associated with a song from the film “Titanic”, which means, to some extent, with water.

Celine herself seems to have no objection to such a reputation, as she furnished the house in Florida with her own water park. He brought to life those who only secretly dream, equipping the area with an actual water park with two pools, slides and a “lazy river”. Of course, the house itself is also impressive, but admit that every rich man has a mansion. And there is only the best water park at their disposal. More precisely, there was: It seems that Celine Dion was also tired of water, as in 2017 she sold the property for $ 28 million.

Mill House Robert Downey Jr.

It is hard to imagine that the Iron Man could not live in an environment of high technology. However, Robert Downey Jr. managed to surprise everyone by acquiring a house in 1885 with a windmill built on the model of an actual windmill. Formally, it is a cottage, but one and a half hectares of land and about 800 square meters of living space is enough to satisfy any imagination.

Luxury mills, ie, Excuse Me, Cottage, Main Building, Studio and Guest House are included. There is a tennis court, swimming pool, gardens nearby. The mill itself has a library and an office.



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