Eccentric housing of the richest people on the planet. part 2


The owners of the vast fortune remain completely different than you and I

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The owners of the vast fortune remain completely separate from you and me. In support of this thesis, it is sufficient to look at the houses they are building. A normal person is willing to buy a standard comfortable apartment or house, but when you reach a certain level of prosperity, everything can easily change. There is a lot of change.

Prince Paisley Park Manor

The Paisley Park complex in Minnesota is a combination of homes, offices and studios located on 6,000 square meters that look like Prince’s home. The walls are covered with patterns in the form of clouds, and there are symbols on the floor. There was a space for a huge concert hall with a stage at which the owner could perform rehearsals or concerts for the elite. Among other things, here is the famous repository – the cellar, to which only the owner had access, and where, according to rumors, thousands of hours of unheard recordings are still stored.

Luxury Homes by Leonardo DiCaprio

Nobody will doubt Leonardo’s outstanding acting ability, he is looking at his collection of bright characters. It turns out that he practices about similar approaches regarding housing, and his ownership history of luxury real estate is long and confusing.

In 1994, DiCaprio bought a large property from Madonna to Madonna Hills, and 4 years later he claimed a small three-bedroom bungalow in Carbon Beach, California. In 2008, he bought an apartment in the magnificent Riverhouse Skyscraper in New York. The building had all possible amenities, from double air filtration to a 24-hour concierge and yoga studio, and DiCaprio liked the new house so much that in 2014 he bought another apartment here. Over the years, he also owned properties in Palm Springs and Malibu.

However, perhaps most influential of DiCaprio’s housing projects is the acquisition of Blackdoor Caye Island in Belize, where the actor intends to develop eco-tourism.

Jumbolier by John Travolta

The word Jumboller sounds like the name of an observer’s den, but such a place actually exists in Florida. The dense area has a large mansion, a conference center, a pool with a bar, an extensive warehouse, 38 guest houses and the main attraction is the country’s largest illuminated runway, on which a Boeing 737 can ride. The property was previously owned by the Vanderbilt family. But the most eccentric changes were made by businessman Arthur Jones. John used the property as an airport for his collection of aircraft. However, there was a period when a shelter for African animals was located here – elephants, crocodiles, hippos and gorillas.

The most famous owner of the den was none other than John Travolta, a famous actor and certified pilot. Unfortunately, he was tired of the 200-hectare complex, and in 2019 he put the property up for sale.

Warren Buffett House

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people on the planet, but you would hardly have guessed it by looking at his house. Instead of a huge property with an eight-digit price, “Omaha Jewelry” lives in the same house he bought in 1958 for $ 31.5 thousand. The five-bedroom house is very nice, but more like a middle class than a finance guy like Buffett.

However, Buffett seems quite satisfied with his house, and even considers him the third of his most profitable investments (which is quite logical, as his price has risen more than 20 times in the years following the purchase). Of course, he had to equip his modest shelter with a security system with fences and surveillance cameras.

Neverland Ranch by Michael Jackson.

Never can the ranch be called the king of strange houses. On a plot of 10 square kilometers, bearing the most modest name of “Plain Valley”, Michael succeeded in constructing several incredible objects. Cinema for 50 people? There is. Disney style train station? Of course. How about an amusement park, exotic animals, a pool, a lake with a waterfall, a magnificent mansion and many well-parked corners? Everything is in stock!

In recent years allegations of harassment and financial problems have affected Michael and Neverland. In 2008, the singer signed an agreement with an investor company that, in 2009, after the owner’s death, repaired and updated the property, and put it up for sale for $ 100 million. However, the buyer has not yet been found, and the price, after repeated decreases, has reached a more realistic 31 million.



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