Ecosystem fires: Cabinet wants to increase penalties for arsonists



Ecosystem fires: Cabinet wants to increase penalties for arsonists

Cabinet Minister Oleg Nemchinov believes that the government should initiate an increase in fines and even criminal sanctions for causing fires in ecosystems before the Verkhovna Rada.

He posted this opinion on his Facebook page.

“We must initiate an increase in administrative fines for arsonists before the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and possibly criminalize the punishment for these acts,” said Nemchinov.

As indicated, according to the state emergency services, since the beginning of the year to April 6, 14,821 fires have occurred in the ecosystems of Ukraine, 25% more than during the same period l last year.

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The president of the National Emergency Management Service, Nikolay Chechetkin, noted that ecosystem fires caused by the burning of dead wood are no less dangerous for the country than the epidemic of coronavirus. He noted that this spring was windy and dry, so the fire spreads quickly, burning everything alive in its path. In particular, the extinction of fires in the Chernobyl area continues for the third day.

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