Ecumenical Patriarch Urges Believers to Stay Home for Easter



Ecumenical Patriarch Urges Believers to Stay Home for Easter

Despite the approach of the largest Christian holiday, Easter, due to the coronavirus pandemic, churches will remain closed and believers should remain at home and observe restrictive quarantine measures.

This was addressed to believers by His Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the correspondent of Ukrinform in Turkey.

“The pandemic of new coronaviruas has changed our daily lives and our church lives. Churches are closed to our believers … We stay in our homes to protect ourselves from the deadly virus; but we are not in the “parental home” … Nevertheless, we had to make this difficult decision by extending these rules to Holy Week. To protect everyone without exception, ”said the Ecumenical Patriarch.

He noted that this decision is not a decision against believers.

“This unprecedented crisis has revealed the power and the value of love and solidarity which surpass all human standards and bear the sign of divine grace.

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We must recognize and accept that these measures do not affect our faith … These temporary restrictive measures are not decisions against the Church, “he said.

According to His Holiness, this situation is an opportunity for a better realization of the value of the values ​​of life.

“This time will pass quickly; the pandemic will weaken; by the grace of God, the wounds will heal. I pray that we all get out of this crisis by realizing the depth of all things and experiencing a “positive transformation”, understanding the power of communication with God, which is “life and light”, and recognizing the value of gifts divine health and life, sacrifice and rejection of the individual. just for love, ”said the Ecumenical Patriarch.

As you know, the Metropolitan of Kiev and all of Ukraine Epiphanes said today that due to quarantine restrictions, there is no way to consecrate the willow together, but the clergy will be praying to proximity. He exhorted the believers to “moderate all the passions in themselves and to decorate the soul with restraint, wisdom and mercy”.

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