Editor-in-chief of “Investigation. Info” summoned for questioning because of Dubinsky’s “servant of the people”



Anna Babinets received a summons from the national police, in which she was summoned to be questioned as a witness. The journalist claims that the reason for the interrogation was her request to the people’s deputy Alexander Dubinsky.

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On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Ukrainian truth“.

Anna Babinets informed Facebook of the summons received:

“Wow! The Avakov department has already completed an investigation into all of the high profile cases and has decided to hire journalists. Today, I received a summons from the national police, in which they call me for interrogation. For the fact that in December I sent a request to Alexander Dubinsky about his possible connection to Trump’s lawyer Giuliani. But Dubinsky did not respond to the request … He was afraid and ran towards Avakov. “

Editor-in-chief of the “Investigation. Info ”also stressed that the investigator in this case is Ilmira Cherednik. He is the same investigator who called Babinets some time ago and introduced himself as an investigator in the case of the murder of Pavel Sheremet.

Anna Babinets is scheduled to be interviewed on Wednesday, May 13 at 10 a.m. The summons does not indicate in which case the interrogation will take place. It only says that the matter is under investigation under Part 2 of Art. 163 – violation of the confidentiality of correspondence, telephone conversations, telegraphic or other correspondence, which is transmitted by means of communication or via a computer.

But in another letter, it is already indicated which questions the journalist will answer: they all concern the request that was sent to Alexander Dubinsky last December.

In the request, Anna Babinets asked Dubinsky to respond to her possible meetings with the defendants in the Trump dismissal case. In particular, on Dubinsky’s possible links with Rudy Giuliani, who is the lawyer for the American president.

Recall that we wrote earlier that a well-known volunteer had been called in for questioning due to criticism from the authorities.

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