Ekaterina Gandzyuk’s father sees no point in meeting with the Attorney General



Ekaterina Gandzyuk's father sees no point in meeting with the Attorney General

Father of deceased Kherson activist Ekaterina Gandzyuk sees no reason to meet with Attorney General Irina Venediktova.

He said so in a comment to a Ukrinform correspondent.

“I published my appeal to the President of Ukraine the day before yesterday. And the day before yesterday, around midnight, calls were sent to me by the public prosecutor’s office. They asked for my arrival in Kiev. Yesterday, there were calls from the regional prosecutor’s office and not only. It is planned to meet Ms. Venediktova and deputies, members of the VSK, who is participating in the follow-up to the investigation into the murder of Katya and the attacks on other public activists. As far as I know, I don’t need it there, the presence of my lawyer, Evgenia Zakrevskaya, is simply necessary there. Probably someone wanted to organize a show for the people’s deputies. I would have been led to Venediktova’s suggestion and shown to television cameras: here it is, here is my father (Ekaterina Gandzyuk – ed.). And what happens to the investigation will not interest anyone. It does not matter to anyone that it takes time to search the file, because the murder of Katya is only one of the crimes of a criminal group that still operates in the Kherson region. I don’t see any reason to go to these meetings, ”said Gandzyuk.

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As the activist’s father noted, the fact is that he now has health problems that prevent him from spending long periods in vehicles. According to him, the situation is repeated in a spiral – as when the office of the Attorney General was headed by Yuriy Lutsenko; then there were also calls, a request to enter a conversation. Ekaterina Gandzyuk’s father said he saw no reason to meet with attorney general Venediktova, who he said already “at the start of his work is cheating society”.

In his view, the withdrawal of Deputy Attorney General Viktor Trepak from the investigation into the murder of his daughter was illogical, as it was in recent months that such progress was needed in the case, the length of the preliminary investigation was extended, which meant there was hope that all perpetrators would still be punished.

As Victor Gandzyuk said, after yesterday’s Facebook post on the initiative “Who ordered Katya Gadzyuk?” Regarding the pressure on him after an appeal to the President of Ukraine, the appeals of the prosecution have so far ceased.

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According to Ukrinform, deputy attorney general Viktor Trepak wrote a report on the dismissal of the attorney general’s office after attorney general Irina Venediktova changed the duties of his deputies. After that, Victor Gandzyuk turned to the President of Ukraine regarding the investigation into the murder of his daughter and the resignation of Deputy Attorney General Trepak. According to Viktor Gandziuk, the prosecutor’s office breaks the investigation into the murder of his daughter.

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