“Electronic couriers” appeared in USA: how techno-innovation works


Courier robots don’t ask for weekends and don’t disappear on break

“Electronic couriers” appeared in the USA: how new technology works. Photo: This Week in Mobility

Due to quarantine in the United States, a surge in new technologies, one of them being the work of couriers, who roam the city independently, without human intervention. Under Washington know-how appeared.

Androids that now drive through the streets of America operate on the Tesla principle: they orient themselves by geolocation, walk around pedestrians and wait at intersections until cars pass.

No one can pick up someone else’s package – the robot will only be open to the customer, who will receive the code from his mobile. Electric couriers were taught manners and etiquette, because in the United States (especially in sleeping areas) it is customary to talk on the streets – even with strangers.

Each messenger job is promised to be sanitized separately before sending. The sellers themselves are also happy, because the mechanical couriers “don’t go out for a smoke”, don’t ask for a weekend, arrive on time at all, and don’t need a tip yet.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, scientists at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne have developed a unique application that can diagnose coronovirus by coughing up a user.

One of the scientists, Thomas Tejiaro, said the app was inspired by doctors’ reports that patients with COVID-19 developed a cough with a characteristic sound – eventually accompanied by chirping breath – that was different from other diseases. .

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