Electronic passport has a new feature


Cabinet of Ministers allowed to visit state institutions by e-passport in Dia mobile application

Status in smartphone: Electronic passport has a new function

The government took another unprecedented decision – now any citizen can go to Ukrainian state institutions as a “pass” using an electronic passport in the Dia application.

“Ukrainians can now visit ministries, CMUs and other departments with a digital ID-card or a foreign biometric passport. The government has adopted relevant changes today.

It is worth noting that previously, to obtain a pass, a physical identification document was required. Today, an e-passport is sufficient, which has become available to Ukrainians from 22 April.

Among other things, the new rule also applies to media representatives, who can be presented with an identity card and citizenship to enter government buildings, including the electronic format in the Dia mobile application.

In addition, using a digital passport in the Dia application, Ukrainians will be able to confirm their identity, travel within the country, receive postal services, and carry out banking functions. An electronic passport will become an analog of paper.

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Recall that a new service for Ukrainians will soon be available – electronic registration, which will be available on the Dia application and a special site. This application was announced by Maxim Sokoluk, head of the State Migration Service during the presentation of the digital passport in “II”.

“Last week and this morning we had a conference with the developers. Very soon a service will appear that will show the location of registration of individuals who have DII applications and ID cards on the portal… This is the information that is in the registry which will appear in electronic form, ”explained Sokoluk.

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