Eleven inventive ways that companies face current challenges


In some cases, companies manage to come up with something unusually funny or surprising.

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Like most of us, business is forced to adapt to crises on the fly, simply because no one has such experience, and in fact it cannot. And in some cases, companies manage to come up with something unusually funny or surprising.

  1. Michelin starred three-star restaurant will fill its hall with mannequins

Virginia restaurants, according to new regulations, cannot be filled more than 50 percent. So, so that the halls do not look so empty, the management of The Inn in Little Washington decided to fill the tables with realistic dolls in 40s outfits of the last century. To enhance the effect, the waiters will add alcohol to their glasses and periodically face whether the guests are happy with everything.

  1. company Ford equips its police cars with special heaters that kill pathogenic bacteria.

The new Ford SUV, designed for police, will be equipped with climate control devices, capable of up to 13 minutes to bring the cabin temperature to 60 degrees Celsius. According to scientific data, at this temperature, more than 99 percent of pathogenic bacteria die.

This method is more effective than spraying disinfectant fluids, because unlike a spray, hot air enters every corner of the cabin.

  1. Radio stations play more festive music and fun songs

Of course, minor vocals have not completely disappeared from radio programs, but recently positive songs are taking more and more airtime. Radio host Jeff Wicker says the September 11 disaster taught radio stations what mood to look for in times of crisis. You can make stinging jokes about topical issues, such as, for example, queuing for toilet paper, but in any case we should not allow the usual negative tone. When composing broadcast programs, radio stations take this bitter experience into consideration.

  1. Thousands of cars left on the deck of cargo ships anchor in ports

As demand dropped to unprecedentedly low levels (for example, in April, Hyundai sales in the US dropped by 39 percent and Toyota by 54 percent), automakers don’t know where to place thousands of tons of their products . Therefore, they temporarily placed cars on the deck of cargo ships, cold storage plants, US naval bases and so on, in anticipation of improved demand.

  1. In Belgium, producers beg people to eat more fries

In Belgium, demand for traditionally popular French fries has dropped significantly, as this dish was served mainly in bars and restaurants, which were forced to close during quarantine. This revealed the fact that more than 750 thousand tons of potatoes had to be thrown out.

Therefore, the industry is now collaborating with supermarket chains on a joint large-scale advertising campaign aimed at persuading people to eat frozen chips twice a week.

  1. At the University of Tokyo, robots attended graduation ceremonies instead of students

The graduation ceremony at the Business Breakthrough University in Tokyo was, for an outsider, very strange. Instead of people, robots participated in it, which the graduates controlled from home. Each robot was wearing a hat and raincoat, and his display had an image of a bachelor on the screen.

Kenichi Omae, the university’s rector, placed each diploma in a special mount on the robotic body, as he lifted them upstairs to applause and greet the staff one after the other.

  1. Canned food is now sold at a jewelry store in Michigan

Along with luxury items, Krautheim and Swanson GemWorks now sells canned beans, soups and tomato sauces. The owners invented this simple maneuver so that it would remain open during quarantine as a convenience store. According to some reports, after removing the isolation measures, the packaged goods will continue to coalesce on the level with the diamond. After all, no one can say when the next quarantine will be introduced.

  1. In a restaurant in Amsterdam, guests are welcomed in a small greenhouse.

Each table is located in a separate small greenhouse, where waiters distribute ordered dishes on long boards. Until recently, this restaurant was only open to friends and family employees, but the idea seems to work. “It’s really comfortable here. Great service and delicious food, ”says one of the visitors, Jenita Wormlen.

  1. Irish pub delivery beer to customers using quadcopter

For the first time in its 152-year history, McKeever’s Bar & Lounge Beer Pub in the Irish city of Redtrina is delivering beer bottles by hanging it from ropes with quadcopters to consumers in neighboring areas. The pub, of course, did not make a lot of money on such orders, but it still helped to get some income, and at the same time, it is important to keep regular customers.

  1. Social network Facebook removed pseudoscience from the category of advertising.

This was done as part of a wider disinformation campaign related to the Kovid-19 epidemic. More than 72 million users showed interest in pseudo-scientific posts, making the spread of fake “scientific data” a fairly wide and profitable market.

  1. Switch to oregon strip club takeaway

The famous strip club Lucky Devil Lounge, (now replaced by Lucky Devil Eats) includes a new and very original one in its list of services: light clothing as you slowly drive through the festive lighted parking Dressed girls-dancers enter you, and at the same time bring ordered food.



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