Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Liv Tyler and other Lord of the Rings stars reunited 19 years later



The Lord of the Rings film crew

Zoom unit! Thanks to this application, which during the coronavirus pandemic has become one of the main means of human interaction, fans of The Lord of the Rings have seen their idols on the same screen. The actors and creators of the legendary fantasy film came together to hold an online meeting and nostalgic for the way they worked together on the film almost 20 years ago.

The recording of this conversation was published on YouTube less than a day ago and has already become very popular – the video has gained more than a million views. Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Liv Tyler, Sean Bean, Ian McKelan, Viggo Mortensen, director Peter Jackson and many others took part in the conversation.

One of the most interesting moments of the video was the story of director Peter Jackson on how the famous scene was filmed with the participation of Sean Bean, who then served as the basis for the memes “You Can’t Just Take It and … “

In the film, the character of Bina Boromir in conversation with Eldron says the following:

You cannot just take and enter Mordor. Its black doors are guarded not only by orcas. He lives in evil who does not know sleep. The Big Eye is constantly watching.

According to Jackson, the actor did not receive the text of his speech until the morning, a few hours before filming. In order not to forget the words, Sean Bean wrote them on paper and put him on his lap to take a look. That’s why in the film, he sometimes looks down.

Sean saw a speech in the morning. He acted very intelligently – he printed the words and glued the paper with the text on his lap. If you watch this scene carefully now, you will notice that Sean is examining the script,

– said the director.

He also added that the film project in the literal sense of the word had saved Viggo Mortensen, who played the role of Aragorn. It turned out that the scene with the Nazguls that Jackson sent to the direction of the studio liked the authorities so much that after that, the project received the green light.

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Andy Serkis

The video project with the participation of the Lord of the Rings cast was launched for a charity – to help victims of the coronavirus.

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