Elizaveta Peskova on modern women: “The main thing is to be self-sufficient and to remain a woman”



Elizaveta Peskova on modern women:

Elizaveta Peskova

Talking about the social roles of men and women does not stop, invariably attracting a wide range of participants. Elizaveta Peskova, 21, decided to share her opinion on gender on the network, which devoted a post a few days ago on Instagram to the main qualities of a modern man, and today she has continued to develop the subject, reasoning about women.

After the first publication, Elizabeth received negative comments from which she started talking about women – she immediately made a reservation that she would try to avoid the words “real man” and “real woman”.

I strongly disagree that “real” is a modern trend. On the contrary, try to speak today of a sort of “frame”, you will just be pecked by the “tolerants” of this world! On the contrary, one of the trends is the desire to move away from the foundation, and in the will to manage without any principle! “Clothes are the shackles of the soul”! And that a man is a man is an imposed gender stereotype. And I love dresses, because my parents are victims of marketing, they inspired me that! But how could I even consider that a girl should feel reliable with a man ?! What a stone age ?! (below, the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved. – ca. ed.), wrote the daughter of Dmitry Peskov.

Elizaveta Peskova on modern women:

Elizaveta Peskova In the essay, she shared her point of view on what she considers a “woman of our time”.

Thanks to my education, rather early experience and personal feelings, I realized that the main thing was to be self-sufficient. It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting at home, working, running your own business, or traveling. Know your own value and first engage in your personal development (from appearance to the inner world and self-education). Only by being in harmony with yourself can you benefit the outside world. A modern woman, in my opinion, should have a source of income, her own money, ”wrote Peskova.

Elizaveta Peskova on modern women:

According to her, it was only at the age of 18 that she realized that “a woman should never hammer the brain of her man”: calling, filling in messages, questioning … Among the skills important to a woman, Elizabeth noted the understanding of how everyday life works.

The key is to remain a woman, and the 21st century offers opportunities to develop our “feminine” in all directions, “she concluded.

Elizaveta Peskova on modern women:

Elizaveta Peskova on modern women:

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