Emily Ratzkowski spoke of misogyny and its free shots: “It’s a way to survive!”



Emily Ratzkowski

Emily Ratzkowski, a 28-year-old model, has become famous for her advertising shoots and candid photos on her Instagram, but such popularity does not suit her. Ratzkowski seeks to declare himself in other fields, for example in public life, speaking on sensitive subjects. Recently, she had another chance to speak – Emily appeared on the cover of the June issue of the British GQ and spoke in an interview about sexism, misogyny and half-naked shooting as a means of survival.

The author of the glossy photo shoot was her husband Sebastian Bir-McClard, whom she married in February 2018 after several weeks of romance.

Emily Ratzkowski I take advantage of my appearance as a model to survive, not to tell the world who I really am. It is a way to make money and gain stability. At heart, all 20-year-old girls probably want to become famous, said Ratzkowski.

Emily Ratzkowski on the cover of GQ

And she added that this path has led to the fact that many people no longer take it seriously and doubt the presence of other abilities. It is about sexism and misogyny in the world. A woman who looks in a certain way or presents herself in a certain way cannot talk about politics and read books. It’s ridiculous! Exclaimed the model.

She remembered that once a reporter doubted that she was reading books, although Emily said of herself that she likes to read. It shows how deep some ideas about women are, ”she added.

At the same time, Ratzkowski noted that she had already tried other women herself. She remembered how she once doubted Demi Moore’s acting talent, seemingly evaluating him. “I deleted her because of her sexual appearance,” said Emily in an interview.

Emily Ratzkowski and Sebastian Beer-McClard

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