Employment centers started online registration


During the quarantine period, you can leave your home and register with employment centers

Employment centers visited the unemployed: how to register online Photo: Amitel

Due to the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine, thousands of civilians were left without work. According to public opinion polls, many families do not have enough money to wait until transportation and trade restrictions are lifted. To support the temporarily unemployed, officials have simplified registration and access to benefits at employment centers.

The State Employment Service recommends that Ukrainians should register using the online tool in case of job loss. Each employment center has an e-mail, in which you can submit documents for registration as unemployed in the State Employment Service. How to do it:

  • Choose an employment center;
  • Download application form for providing / updating unemployment status and renewal / renewal of unemployment benefits;
  • Print statement;
  • Fill and sign applications;
  • Scanned documents;
  • Store all documents in a single file and send it to the employment center’s email. Must be sent only on selected business days and hours.

Within ten days after the official end of quarantine, you must bring the original documents.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, analysts argue, that in an epidemic, basic income payments will not cause inflation, as they will balance demand and help restore production. Other methods of financial incentives, including tax holidays, would not be relatively effective in supporting the population.

The Donald Trump administration has already proposed a distribution of $ 1 thousand for each adult resident of the US and $ 500 for each child. It should also be a means of support for times of mass unemployment. In the USA, they focus on the program’s advantages – basic income will not only support the population in difficult times, but will strengthen the economy and simplify current social benefits, which can simply be canceled.

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