Epicenter paid for the flight of the Mriya plane, which provided humanitarian and commercial cargo – OP



Epicenter paid for the flight of the Mriya plane, which provided humanitarian and commercial cargo – OP

01/05/2020 17:53


The flight of the plane Mriya, which for days delivered tons of humanitarian and commercial cargo to Ukraine, in particular the medical supplies necessary to fight against the coronavirus, was paid by the chain of hypermarkets Epicenter, it is therefore free to sell part of the freight.

This was stated in an interview with by the vice-president of OP Kirill Timoshenko.

“We deemed it necessary to meet Mriya because he had not flown for a long time, it is the pride of our aeronautical industry, and he had nothing secret. On the plane, all the freight was coordinated by the Epicenter. They collected requests from people’s deputies and other businesses, cargo for sale. Collected and brought here. The epicenter was the contractor for the remaining customers. Some goods were put up for sale, others were distributed in the regions. I asked them to specify where and how much the goods were sent. We will provide. The epicenter ordered plane brought gr Uz. We were told that they were carrying humanitarian aid and commerce. We, OP, did not participate in this aircraft. There was no cargo that we purchased centrally. The state paid nothing. The epicenter paid Antonov for the plane. (…) There was a freight part comm They sell it and are entitled to it. They paid for the plane. Why do we organize a kind of Soviet Union? “- said Tymoshenko.

He also explained how the PO coordinated the organization of other flights.

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“The system is simple. We had the first plane on which we transported our goods. They were purchased centrally by the PO, not at public expense, but at the expense of funds in which various companies participated. We bought protective equipment: respirators, goggles, coveralls, etc. There were three types of cargo: the first – humanitarian – we buy, bring and distribute to hospitals, the second – the goods that the company itself purchases for the regions A week after starting to fly, commercial organizations – pharmacies, retailers started to contact us, Silpo, Epitz etc. They asked if they could use these flights. In fact, there have been no deliveries since China, except the sea, trains and DHL. Third, we made the normal decision: you can fly, but for money. We transferred them to Skyup, Skyup has them billed, they they were paid by bank transfer, “said Cyril Tymoshenko.

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According to him, there were around 50 such companies, namely pharmacists, importers of medical goods, retailers and retail chains. The ratio of commercial and humanitarian cargo on flights was different.

When asked why the president had met Mria, Tymoshenko replied that the president deemed it necessary to meet Mria, who had not flown for more than two years.

As reported by Ukrinform, on April 23, the transport aircraft AN-225 Mriya arrived in Ukraine with medical cargo. The plane was met in Kiev by President Vladimir Zelensky, Minister of Infrastructure Vladislav Krikliy, medical consultant Viktor Lyashko and other officials. In total, Mriya brought 103 tonnes of medical freight.

President Vladimir Zelensky then declared that “our” Mriya “has brought to Ukraine 12 million masks for hospitals and pharmacy chains, brought about 260,000 glasses for doctors and more than 100,000 protective suits for the 5th level of protection. “

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