Ermak ensures that Ukrainian cinema will receive support



Ermak ensures that Ukrainian cinema will receive support

Ermak ensures that Ukrainian cinema will receive support

07/05.2020 15:06


The head of the presidential office, Andrei Yermak, assured that all the discussions on the reduction of support for Ukrainian cinema were unfounded.

He said this during a meeting with representatives of the Ukrainian film industry, the press service of the OP.

“We have seen that positive changes have started to take place – Ukrainian cinema has started to receive international awards, to earn money, to show ticket offices (editor’s note). All of this will be supported, ”said Yermak.

He notably recalled that, in order to support the industry, the deadlines for submitting reports to film producers were lengthened.

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In addition, the head of the OP expressed his conviction that it is important today to support workers in the industry who are not full-time employees of film companies.

“Many professions have actually ceased today. We have to take care of these people who are not full-time employees in production, television or film companies. A big thank you to these people who manage a large production and, having a difficult situation today, continue to pay salaries and support these people, “he said.

At the same time, Ermak drew attention to the distribution of Ukrainian cinema abroad.

“I want to start a dialogue, I want you to feel that even today, having a war in the country, an epidemic, we do not forget the culture, we do not forget the cinema,” said the head of the OP.

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In turn, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada commission on humanitarian and information policy, Alexander Tkachenko, said that a bill had been tabled in Parliament aimed at supporting the creative industry in the context of the epidemic. of COVID-19.

In addition, according to him, changes to the tax code have been developed, which provide for the introduction of a special VAT rate for cultural operations in the amount of 7%.

“It is a European practice, when cultural services have a special tax administration,” noted Tkachenko.

In addition, he added that the representatives of the committee were discussing with the Cabinet of Ministers the possibility of additional use of the stabilization fund in the field of culture, including cinema.

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At the same time, producer Philip Ilyenko called on law enforcement to increase their effectiveness in the fight against online piracy.

And producer Vladimir Yatsenko noted that it is important to systematize the achievements of the film industry according to the KPI system, this will determine the criteria for evaluating the content produced by Ukrainian cinema. According to him, it is advisable to check the projects that have received financial support from Goskino this year.

The head of the OP called on industry representatives to submit their proposals to the office of the president and to the relevant parliamentary committee.

Ermak also proposed the creation of an institute of advisers under the Goskino, which can become, in particular, foreign experts in the field of cinema.

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