Ermak’s fate resolved: Zelensky’s unexpected declaration



The media has learned that on April 2, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky held a secret meeting with the “servants of the people”. The main subject was the scandal of listening to the brother of OP Andrei Ermak.

Zelensky and Ermak
Zelensky and Ermak. Stock Photo –

It is reported, reports “MFN”.

Sources indicate that Zelensky arrived at the meeting, accompanied by Yermak himself. The president’s speech lasted approximately 20 minutes. Meanwhile, he made it clear to his colleagues that compromising equipment would not affect his attitude towards Yermak.

Eyewitnesses note that Zelensky called Yermak his good friend and this friendship remains strong. The president also accused MP Leros of having committed a scam. The publication of the recordings with the compromising brother of the head of the OP is not encouraged by Zelensky.

However, the president insisted on the triumph of the rule of law and said that law enforcement officials would resume the case and that the final results would come later.

After Zelensky’s speech, Yermak himself addressed the people’s deputies. He declared Leros his personal enemy.

Recall, as noted above, the tightening of the quarantine: the head of the Ministry of Health explained what to expect exactly for Ukrainians.

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