Estimated images of 12.4-inch displays iPhone 12.4 on Weibo


Images appeared on the platform Chinese social media Weibo ostensibly to show panels for the upcoming squad over the weekend Apple “iPhone 12”The images also appeared briefly on Slashleaks before deleting on Monday.

We’ve heard mixed rumors about the notch size on these new devices “IPhone 12‌”,

Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg believe that at least one new “iPhone” in 2020 will have a smaller front camera lens for improved screen / frame ratiowhich will eventually result in a smaller notch in the front.

The leaked images depicting the iPhone 12 also featured a notch that is about 1/3 smaller than the current mark on the iPhone. Meanwhile, alleged “iPhone 12” schematics, which surfaced in April, suggest Apple will implement a smaller notch by integrating the device’s front speaker into the frame. The updated equipment layout also includes ambient and low beam sensors, relocated to a more central location in the system. TrueDepth cameras.

However, other allegedly leaked CAD images have suggested that Apple’s new devices will have the same size and notch format as camera with three lenses found on the current iPhone 11 Pro series.

CAD images of iPhones not released for sharing on the web are usually presented as official designs leaked by manufacturing factories, but they are often done by the same creators to anticipate the designs of unreleased devices.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to release its iPhone 12 range in 2020, but mass production of the devices will be delayed by about a month.

Apple Seller Broadcom Believes that by 2020 the iPhone models will be delayed by several weeks and will be released later than usual in the fall.


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