EU experts to help Ukraine in second phase of medical reform



EU experts to help Ukraine in second phase of medical reform

EU experts to help Ukraine in second phase of medical reform

06.06.2020 20:51


Experts from the European Union will provide assistance to Ukraine in implementing the second phase of medical reform.

This was announced on Facebook by Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov.

“There was a meeting with the relevant representatives of the European Union on the provision of experts from the MOH for the implementation of the second phase of medical reform in Ukraine. Therefore, the work of the ministry will be intensified by international professionals, which will allow us to more effectively introduce new qualitative changes in Ukrainian medicine, “wrote Stepanov.

He added that the parties “shared the vision and the desire to strengthen cooperation”.

As Ukrinform reported, Stepanov said on May 5 that medical reform in Ukraine, in its current form, plans to release about 50,000 medical workers and close more than 300 hospitals. All of this, he said, due to a lack of funding.

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“If nothing changes, millions of Ukrainians will be denied access to normal medical care. The rapid spread of diseases such as tuberculosis will begin, “said Stepanov.

He noted that the Ministry of Health team is working to immediately change the situation so that there are no mass layoffs of doctors and the closure of hospitals. According to him, this does not mean that the reform will be shortened, but rather that it must be implemented, but substantially modified, taking into account Ukrainian realities and correcting mistakes made during planning.

On April 1, Ukraine began the second phase of medical reform. It stipulated that health care facilities providing specialized (city, district hospitals) and highly specialized (hospitals and regional hospitals) medical care should receive funds under an agreement with the NHA.

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