EU in big trouble – Zelensky sharply criticized partners’ actions



The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky expressed his dissatisfaction with the policies of the European Union in the fight against the aggression of the Russian Federation. Zelensky said the EU may soon be in great trouble.

Vladimir Zelensky
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It is reported by “Critical“, Reports” NPF “.

Zelensky is convinced that the EU has not yet realized the full potential for peace on the European continent. He said so directly at the Eastern Partnership Summit.

“I note that the European Union has not yet decided to show its full potential for ensuring security on the European continent.

I understand that partnerships should not be used to resolve conflicts, but external actors continue to destabilize the situation on our continent and new hot spots may soon appear. There is a real risk to the security of the EU countries, ”said Zelensky.

He stressed that security concerns could literally fall on EU countries at any time.

Recall that, as indicated above, the Ukrainians will increase their wages by 50%: the Ministry of Finance has indicated who would benefit from this increase.



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