European Commission will send financial aid to Ukraine


Financial support will also be provided to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia.

The European Union will send financial support to Ukraine. Photo:

The European Commission will allocate 80 million euros for immediate needs and short-term and medium-term support to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. It was reported in a press release as “the EU’s response to the coronovirus epidemic in the countries of the Eastern Partnership” European Commission website.

According to the document, Armenia will receive 92 million euros, Azerbaijan – 14 million euros, Belarus – 50 million euros, Georgia – 183 million euros, Moldova – 87 million euros and Ukraine – 190 million euros. Funds will be transferred to all states for immediate and short-term needs.

Financial support for Ukraine includes creating social stability by helping vulnerable people, moving to online education, fighting disruption and promoting cultural diversity and online creativity.

As stated in a press release, within the framework of emergency assistance to the countries of the Eastern Partnership, a total of 30 million euros is planned to be spent on supporting the health sector. This includes supplying medical equipment and personal equipment such as ventilators, laboratory kits, masks, safety glasses, gowns and protective suits with the WHO. It also provides training for medical and laboratory personnel, raising awareness in all six countries. Also, 11.3 million euros will be allocated as emergency assistance to the most vulnerable areas of the population.

We will remind, before the EU delegation in Ukraine reported that the European Union is preparing the first support package of 80 million euros, which will be used to finance the health system and support the Ukrainian economy. In addition, the US Agency for International Development allocated $ 1.2 million in medical and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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Earlier it was reported how much Ukraine spent in the fight against COVID-19. According to Prime Minister Denia Shimgal, the state spent about one billion in two weeks. It is noted that government agencies, through Projoro, purchased the necessary items for the fight against COVID-19 in the amount of 954 million, including: medical devices: mechanical ventilation devices, pulse oximeters, patient monitors and the like – UAH 190.1 million; Medical supplies – gloves, face masks, respirators, insulating suits, etc. – UAH 147.12 million; Equipment for anesthesia and resuscitation – 116.04 million UAH.

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