European Leagues Association reacts strongly to FIFA recommendation to end all tournaments



President of the Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) Lars-Christer Ulsson during a special webinar organized by Soccerex, reacted strongly to the proposal by the chairman of the FIFA medical committee, Michelle D’Hug , end all tournaments and start a new season in September.

“I agree that you have to think about the future. But it is equally important to solve today’s problems. On the contrary, it is even more important to do so before discussing what lies ahead. Of course, there are many lessons to be learned from the crisis. But, I repeat, let us first address the real problems. How to comment on the words of the head of the FIFA medical committee? He had to keep this advice for himself, ”quotes the official of Sport Express.

“He has no idea what’s going on in each country, he doesn’t have complete data. He must understand that his words are not perceived as the opinion of an individual, but as the opinion of a representative of FIFA. His statement can be very “expensive”. There are countries, leagues where they will end the season. But, if I understand correctly, in Europe, most want to end the season. If, of course, it will be possible, “said Ulsson.

Note that D’Hug believes that if there are standards of social distance, no contact should be allowed between players of opposing teams. Even a massive coronavirus test does not guarantee prevention of the disease, because in any case, football remains a contact sport.

European Leagues Association reacts strongly to FIFA recommendation to end all tournaments

Michelle D’Hug

“The world is not ready for the return of football. We can only hope that the situation will change. Now we can only endure and wait. It is the most dramatic situation since the Second World War. We must not underestimate it.

It is not a question of money, it is a question of life and death. We also don’t know when the epidemic will peak in different countries, “said a FIFA official, citing Sky Sports.

We add that EPFL brings together 36 professional football leagues, representing 990 clubs in 29 European countries.

EPFL also includes the Ukrainian Premier League.

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