European Nobank started serving teenagers


Children between 15 and 17 years of age now have bank account and financial institution debit card

European Nobank Lunar began to serve Kishore. Photo:

Danish Nobank Lunar has launched accounts and cards for teenagers to help them with cash management.

The app, designed for children between the ages of 15 and 17, provides a basic account and a debit card, overview of expenses, financial goals, budget planning tools, instant notifications, free transfers and payments. Teens can register in the application independently, without parental involvement. At the same time, the stock trading service, which Lunar launched in April this year in collaboration with another Danish bank Saxo, is not available to children account users.

Peter smith
CEO Lunar

In early April, Lunar attracted € 20 million for an already successful C Series B funding round, taking its total investment to € 46 million. The bank also said that it plans to increase its customer base, which currently has 150 thousand people.

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Previously we wrote that now citizens of Ukraine who have reached the age of 14 can simultaneously get an ID-card and tax number (TIN). According to the Migration Service (HMS), the launch of the service will reduce the number of citizens in government agencies, since henceforth there is no need to travel to the taxpayer service center to write an application and obtain a certificate of TIN assignment.

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