Europol Reveals Largest Fraud Network


44 people were detained in Italy recently

Europol uncovered the largest fraudster network. Photo: fd.n

Europol confirmed previously published information by the media about contact with a network of fraudsters in Italy. The department noted that the criminal group is perhaps the largest in the history of the euro. This is stated in the official press release of the organization. European truth.

On Thursday, 16 July, the media announced, citing a representative of the French police, the mafia network of fraudsters, 44 arrests and the seizure of assets worth 8 million euros.

“Criminal networks exposed in Italy produced 25% of all counterfeit euro banknotes found in circulation. Europol said in a statement, the network is probably the largest network to operate since the inception of the euro.

Law enforcement officers from Italy, Belgium and France participated in the special operation. Europol helped with information exchange, coordination and analytical work. The investigation began in October 2017, when a large consignment of counterfeit notes with a face value of 50 euros was seized in Italian Benevento.

In February 2018, in Naples, another 450 thousand units of 50 and 100 euro counterfeit notes were found hidden in tanks. Six months later, in July, another batch of counterfeit coins was found in Lombardy.

Further investigations in coordination with Europol helped uncover the network of criminals behind the money forgery. On 15 July, law enforcement officers arrested 44 suspects and destroyed property totaling 8 million euros.

Law enforcement officials suspect that over the years of their activity, criminals have produced and distributed more than 3 million counterfeit notes totaling more than 233 million euros.

The head of the network has been making money for 20 years, and not only creating it, but also distributing it in the European Union. Investigations have revealed that he is associated with the Italian mafia group Camorra.

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Earlier it was reported that the National Bank has removed fake 200 hryvnias banknotes from circulation. We are talking about the seizure of a small number (about 40) of counterfeit notes, which were paid at trade establishments in different regions of Ukraine.

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