Even Huawei can launch an “economic” flyer in 2020


It again Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, to spread the word about what the new releases will be in the second half of this 2020. The source in question, although yesterday also talked about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (click here for more information), has already assumed the possible arrival of Galaxy Fold “Lite”, with a more affordable price than the first generation and the main model of the second.

This is not all: Young expected a similar step in the programs. HuaweiAfter Mate Xs, we remember that with Italy at the price list of 2599 euros, the Chinese company really intends to shuffle the cards.

Between September and October, two smartphones with foldable sign displays are expected Huawei: the first will not follow the Mate Xs form factor, folding outwards, so it chooses the closure on the inside in style Galaxy foldThe second, however, will have a closure “shellAnd it will be much more affordable in terms of price. Numbers have not leaked, but it is reasonable to imagine that the link will be $ 1,099 Budget for Galaxy Fold Lite.

The source has already talked about 500 thousand folding displays ordered by Huawei.


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