Everyone fired for a day – media in the occupied territories reported that another mine had been closed at LPR for unknown reasons



In the so-called “LPR”, the Vergelevskaya mine of the unitary state enterprise “Centrugol” ceased operations. The reasons for the mine closure are unknown.

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This is reported by the portal Donpressreferring to the Telegram channel “Lugansk insider”, reports MFN.

It became known that on the territory of the temporarily occupied Lugansk region, the Vergelevskaya GUP “Centrugol” mine ceased work. It should be noted that the mine has worked and has not stopped working even since it came under the control of the IAF in 2014.

“The mine was working, the coal was extracted. What is the reason for such an early shutdown is unknown. All workers were dismissed within 24 hours – they said they were going to be cut, “local media reported.

In addition, after the mine closed, the village of Vergulevka faced a new problem – the lack of water, as the mine provided water to this village and others.

The “authorities” of the “LPR” not recognized at the moment do not comment on the situation with the closure of the mine.

Earlier, we reported that Goncharenko considers the Cabinet decision unconstitutional and wants to appeal to the court.

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