Everything about your retirement: PFU explained how to find all the information about your retirement business without leaving home



The Pension Fund of Ukraine has updated the information in its online services and encourages retirees to use it.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Everything about pensions in the PFU online service.
PFU encourages retirees to use the online service without leaving their homes. Photo:

Thus, within the PFU, they stated that all the necessary information on retirement matters could be obtained by using online services on Web portal Pension fund without making personal visits to social security offices.

Using the portal, you can find the necessary information on pension amount, salary, insurance experience and ERU contributions.

You can also file documents electronically and request a pension.

In addition, the service allows you to write a questionnaire to enter or correct information in the Register of insured persons, send a request and receive information on professional activity.

And the “Pension calculator” will help you calculate the amount of the future pension.

Earlier it was reported that it became known when the peak of the epidemic in Ukraine.



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