Everything is going incredibly well for Putin



I would even say – simply fantastic. Its main success is now Belarus. There, for him, the situation is just wine-wine-wine. There is no losing option.

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Lukashenko wins – excellent. Russia receives an absolutely illegitimate dictator with a practically zero score – now its score is already three percent, at the level of statistical error, and after the next dispersal, the landings and the takeover, half of these stubborn will separate at their entire disposal. There is nothing more convenient than an illegitimate dictator who has nothing to trust inside the country. Its legitimacy will rest on Putin’s good will. Just tighten the valve a little – and no KGB will protect their throne from people who have started to become poor.

Lukashenko will start to lose – even better. Dictators, realizing that after the loss they will expect nothing but a life sentence, they tend to ask the neighboring empire for brotherhood and the introduction of tanks. Here, the problem will usually be solved in the simplest way.

But Lukashenko will agree with the opposition, which will allow him to leave under the guarantee of inviolability – and nothing bad either. The country is economically dependent on Russia, the working language of the country is Russian, the main television is the Russian zombie, the troops are already officially standing there. It is entirely possible to start saving the Russian population from the damned Belarusian fascists in an unstable transition period.

In Ukraine … Ukraine begins to enter at about the same stage. The words “Maidan” and “Rostov” sound more often. Attempts to plant veterans have divided the relationship between government and society. Attempts to plant Poroshenko have divided relations of power and the West. Attempts to stir with Kolomoisky have divided the relationship between the government and the IMF. What can I say – the green team has simply been incredibly productive in bringing the country back to balance.

Any internal confrontation in Ukraine will immediately lead to a new invasion to the east, or … Ukraine is surrounded on three sides by Russia or its enclaves, and on the fourth side by sea. Which is also followed by Russia . And here to choose in this context an actor to the commander-in-chief … I don’t understand. I do not understand!

And if, in response to a request from Yanukovych, Putin was embarrassed to send troops – oh, then if Zelensky asked, this time he would be completely embarrassed.

The explosion of left-wing idiocy with pogroms and the United States’ education about its internal problems – Caligula himself could not wait for such a divine gift. It really is an imperial gift. Even Nostradamus with Kashpirovsky, Juna, Globa and Chumak together could not predict such luck. It’s just something incredible. Well, more, started by another incredibly intelligent person, who became the head of the country, the economic war with China, the WHO, the European Union, the withdrawal of troops from Germany, the abandonment of the base in Poland, etc.

The entry of Europe into the turbulent phase. Merkel leaves. The EU trembles on potholes. France is trying to compete with Germany and is looking for an alliance in Russia. Plus the coronavirus. Plus the fatigue of the gas and oil war. In addition, the generalized germination of staples in all countries. Brexit. Turkey with its Erdogan. There is now at least an economic overhaul of Europe, and soon it will most likely be followed by political redistribution. Plus the border conflict between China and India, two countries with a billion and a half people each with nuclear weapons.

Lord, it’s just some kind of party!

And in the context of all this, grandfather finally matures when he is already tired of playing all these toys and calls himself emperor. And dreams of restoring the empire. And openly declares that Russia will reconsider its territorial problems. And it has claims on other countries.
Understanding that the world community is now neither in Ukraine, nor in Belarus, nor in other territories that Putin considers as the original gifts of the Russian people to those who took them with him.

I think that only COVID saved Ukraine from the invasion this spring. And not just Ukraine. Because Putin is really fatally afraid of being poisoned or infected – he is paranoid about it.

And after? Yes, hell knows what the next step is. But the feeling of war was approaching. It’s true, a huge leap forward has arrived.

Maybe it will start first in Belarus. And he will change places. Maybe it will not start, and the theme of the destruction of Ukraine will continue. Maybe it’s all my sick fantasies.

But the situation of a dictator who went head first into a crazy nuclear power of greatness, in which the patriarch congratulates his army on the day of the outbreak of war, is the best possible situation.

I’m afraid the rest is just a matter of time.




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