Everything will be tomorrow – Shary gathers a big gathering under the Zelensky desk (video)



It has become known that Shariah party activists will meet at 10:00 am under the presidential office today to express their protest. Anatoly Shariy said that Vladimir Zelensky was simply inactive while peaceful journalists were harassed and beaten.

Anatoly Shariy
Anatoly Shariy. Photo –

Shary himself reported this information in his Youtube channel, reports “MFN”.

It should be noted that at the very beginning of the video, the blogger was the most furious. He said he was endowed with inaction from the authorities and constant provocations from the nationalists. That is why he came to the conclusion that it was time for him and his activists to act seriously, but stressed the peaceful motive for the action.

“Friends, I am giving you important information. Those who are our activists get on our buses. There are also members of regional cells. I can only imagine what provocations will be tomorrow. This is especially true for what we are supposed to pay people. Already, fake accounts have been created regarding the fact that we are supposed to search for people for 100 hryvnia, “said the Shari’a woman.

After that, she released additional reports that someone was bribing bogus social media advertising.

“Tomorrow there will be all these people who have been attacked for balloons, newspapers, filming and more,” said Shary.

Recall that Kadyrov threatens Ukraine because of the situation with Georgia: an official statement by the head of Chechnya.



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