Everything you need to know about financial progress. Free online digital finance conference


The online conference will be held on May 22 at 10–00. Pre-registration required

Banks, insurance companies, non-governmental organizations, how to promote their services to financial sector companies, what digital tools work here, how to differentiate yourself from competitors in one place.

All questions about marketing and innovations in the field of digital finance, you can ask speakers at a free online conference Finance Digital Day May 22, 2020.

Delegates will explain their working matters Privatbank, Monobank, Oshdbank, SalesDoubler, Google, Alpha-Bank, Raisen Bank Aval, PRAVEX BANK Moneyveo, Mycredit other! Google’s experts will share the capabilities of Google ads for financial products and services in Ukraine. Get ready to spend the day with maximum benefits – how lead generation works in the financial sector, what promotional tools are effective, and which don’t work in the sector.

When and where?

Starting May 22, 10:00. The conference is online, you just need to register.

What do you learn

  • What tools and trends will be relevant in financial internet marketing in 2020,
  • What should SMM be for the financial sector
  • How to optimize the budget for the promotion of financial organization,
  • How to build a system of online advertising effectiveness for the bank,
  • How to differentiate yourself from competitors
  • How to measure the demand for personal financial products in a country,
  • How easy is it to analyze your share of financial products by city? How to identify leaders from the city,
  • Social networks for financial brands – dos & don’ts,
  • How To Make Money On Advertising Financial Services If You Are A Webmaster
  • The case and personal experience of managers, CEOs and experts of large successful companies.

You can ask the speakers any question. If you are a marketer, marketing director, head of a microfinance organization, top or middle manager of a bank’s digital business, you are engaged in the promotion of financial topics – the Finance Digital Day conference is for you.

Organizer and sponsor: WebPromoExperts, WebPromo, SalesDoubler



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