Evgeny Chichvarkin spoke about his wife’s difficult divorce, relationships with older children and “his fighting girlfriend”



Evgeny Chichvarkin and Tatyana Fokina

The team from the Antiglaze telegram chain organized another “age-old bingo” – it published the fourth issue of its YouTube show, this time inviting Yevgeny Chichvarkin, Nika Belotserkovskaya, Ulyana Tseytlina and Alexei Zimin as guests. The 40-minute program was full of memories of friends and the enemy, current comrades and comrades, as well as elders.

Chichvarkin, who rarely gives interviews, answered several questions about his family life. Euroset co-founder, owner of Hedonism Wines store and Hide restaurant in London, admitted that for four years while divorcing his wife Antonina, he could not communicate normally with older children (now his son Yaroslav is almost 22 years old and his daughter Martha – 14).

Natalia Arkhangelskaya and Evgeny Chichvarkin I am vindictive. I don’t forgive anyone, just the little things. Great things do not forgive. I don’t forgive when you tell the kids that you are an asshole, a goat and a piece of shit, and generally the worst person on earth. When the main activity of life is taken away from you or close people … Now, with children, relationships improve and they are much better. As recently as yesterday, we had dinner together, played Crocodile. The boy is almost 22 years old. He is a hero – it is a fact, but in his heart there is still a little boy who needs warmth, tenderness, good advice. With children, it’s more or less better, but three or four lost years are probably not worth forgiving, ”he said.

Children of Evgeny Chichvarkin: Yaroslav, Marta and Alisa On the question of the link between her divorce and the move to London and the start of a new life there, Eugene replied that several reasons for separating from Antonina coincided. In essence, we, like many now, were in quarantine. They ended up with my ex-wife in a country house and had never communicated as much as when I was out of work. There were military operations from several sides at the same time: they wanted to extradite me. It is time, and secondly, I have never met in my life a person as interesting and appropriate as my fighting friend Tatyana. And these factors somehow coincided, ”said the businessman.

Evgeny Chichvarkin

Now Chichvarkin is not officially married and says that the decision not to enter into a legal marriage belongs to her current lover Tatyana Fokina, the mother of her youngest daughter Alisa and the manager of the liquor store and restaurant Hedonism Wines. It is a fundamental decision of my fighter girlfriend that marriage is not necessary. It is his position and I respect it. My divorce lasted from 2013 to 2017. Four years in the courts. Half of everyone’s money. Spoiled relationships and lost years with children, ”he said.

Evgeny Chichvarkin and Tatyana Fokina with daughter Alisa

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