Excel adds personal finance management function


Service users will now be able to track and control their expenses

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American tech giant Microsoft has added the money function to the Excel spreadsheet program. It allows you to manage personal finances and control the budget Company Website.

To use money, you must provide service access to bank accounts and cards. After that, data on transactions and movements will be automatically imported into an Excel spreadsheet the next day after it is published to accounts.

All expenses are divided into categories that can be edited. Monthly produces a report in the form of money graphs and charts, which will allow you to compare the month’s expenses and track their changes. The service will also alert the user if the cost increases.

To securely synchronize a user’s financial information, Microsoft uses a plaid aggregator, which provides account balance, transaction history, and access to the personal data of their owners.

At this stage, the funds are only available to individual and family Microsoft 365 accounts customers in the United States, but the company plans to make them available in other countries.

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Earlier, we wrote that Microsoft, in association with FedEx, a logistics company, has provided commercial shipping customers with early warnings of delays due to weather, traffic and other disruptions.

Last year, FedEx terminated a ground shipping agreement with Amazon. For Microsoft, Amazon is competitive in many areas, mainly in the field of cloud technology.

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